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Sheryl's Story

Bright-Eyed Redhead Kidnapped to Minnesota

Minier, Illinois is a town of about a thousand people, it's a quaint settlement that seems to have found its niche in a simpler time. The local grocery store still has counter checks in case you forget yours. A credit check consists of a firm handshake and a look in the eye. And if they don’t know your name, they probably know your kin. This was Sheryl's home.

This bright-eyed redheaded girl is the youngest of seven children. Growing up, she mostly remembers the times after Dad left. The boys worked as they could to help support the family until some of them married and Mom got a better job. Home was serious, but joyful.  

Mom did her best at raising the family. She worked day and night to support them. Still, she taught the kids values to guide their lives. Values like:
  1. Honoring God

  2. Doing a job well

  3. Saying what you mean

  4. Keeping your name spotless

So, armed with strong values and an encouraging mother, Sheryl did well growing up. She was on the pompon squad, elected to Homecoming court and earned honors on the Dean’s list.
And, she was the best housecleaner in the county.

Mom believed that God equips each person with a special talent. Some of Sheryl’s siblings can build houses. Others can grow beautiful gardens. It seems that Sheryl was created to clean.

There is just something special about the way she cleans. The arrangement catches your eye. The spotlessness gleams. And the feeling of having a new start would keep her neighbors coming back and telling friends.

Then one day, a dark-haired stranger came to town. He had his eye set on winning the prize of Minier. He was sophisticated and smooth. But he knew that Sheryl was not a woman who could be captured. She needed to be tenderly allured. So he set his heart on wooing her. And, against the advice of the townsfolk, she married him.

“He’ll take you away from everything you’ve ever known!” they said. And sure enough, they moved to Minneapolis in short order.

The Twin Cities are different than Minier. There are more cars on the roads and a lot of signs to read. Highways have off ramps instead of intersections. Sheryl was afraid to drive for a while and even got lost a few times.

But, the move wasn’t all bad. In fact, there are many great benefits. The store is less than forty minutes away. There is more than one restaurant to choose from. And their menus are not on chalkboards. There were great conveniences to use like cell phones and email.


Well, it’s been some years now since the move, or the “kidnapping,” as they call it in Minier. Sheryl has made a lot of new friends all around the Twin Cities. She’s cleaned their houses too. She’s been to so many parts of the metro area that she is not afraid to drive anywhere now. And in the process, a business was born.

Sheryl has brought her country values to the city. Country Maids is a cleaning service Mom would be proud of. Hard work, reliability and integrity mark who we are and what we do.

To these values, we add the service of the city. Efficient, convenient and prompt, we strive to bring the best cleaning experience to you. You will enjoy working with us, guaranteed.


Now if you ever find yourself in Minier, Illinois, stop by the Fireside Café for a bite to eat. If it’s Tuesday, order the tenderloin platter. It’s the special listed on the chalkboard. You can listen to the crew at the Liars Table complain about how the weather will hurt the crops this year. Or maybe they’ll be fixing the political problems in agribusiness.

Whatever you do, just don’t tell them you know about Sheryl.

Some of them are still kind of sore about it.