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Our Services

Service that fits your need as well as your budget.

Each of our services start with our detailed cleaning checklist. But our custom cleaning adds areas for special cleaning needs.

House Cleaning

House cleaning is our basic service. Regular cleaning keeps dust and allergies under control. And who doesn't love the feeling of coming home to a clean home?

Move In / Move Out
Maybe you want your new house ready for your family or you are trying to get your deposit back from your landlord. We can make your move a little less stressful.

Post Construction
Dust from construction can get everywhere. If you pay special attention to applying plastic barriers in the preparation, travelling dust can be kept to a minimum. Our post construction cleaning begins with our basic cleaning list and includes the following emphasis:
Cabinets and vanities inside and out including drawers
Dusting the tops of door and window frames a well as other horizontal surfaces
Removing stickers and protective plastic from new appliances and windows
Major debris removed
Event / Spring Cleaning

Sometimes you need cleaning beyond the basics. We can help your preparations for weddings, graduations, birthdays or just a good old-fashioned Spring cleaning. And, you can name your priorities and Name Your Price. You can fill out a cleaning request here.