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Our equipment has to be as rugged, powerful, lightweight, and multi functional as possible. I have an idea for a better vacuum cleaner. But, I can't find it in stores yet. As always, your suggestions are appreciated and can be submitted here.

Hoover Elite
commercial uprights are lightweight but have a powerful motor. They leave the carpet nicely groomed.

Eureka Might Mite
 is primarily used on wood, vinyl and tile floors. But, they have also been used for post construction dust and cobweb collection. They clean much better than brooms.

Swiffer Dusters
have an extension handle to reach ceiling fan blades and hard to reach shelves. The disposable heads collect far more dust than traditional lambs wool. Plus, the heads are replaced when they get dirty.

Floor Mops
We looked far and wide to find a floor mop that works with microfiber towels. The towels are excellent for floors. And we can avoid streaks by keeping the mop damp, not soaking wet.

Microfiber Towels
This is one of the best changes that has come to cleaning. The tiny fibers act like millions of scrubbing fingers leaving surfaces cleaner with less chemicals.

Melamine Sponges (Eraser)
Used as insulation for years, its cleaning properties were discovered by accident. The structure is primarily soft and elastic, but the scrubbing portion of the structure is as hard as glass. These are used without chemicals. Think of them as ultra fine sand paper that wont scratch.