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About Us

In 1991, we moved away from our families in Illinois to attend North Central University in Minneapolis. With no children and a lot of energy, Doug attended school full time and we started an upholstery shop and a cleaning business to pay for school.
After graduating in 1993, Doug sold the upholstery shop, so he could pastor local churches. Sheryl continued with the cleaning business which grew beyond our expectations.
Our family was also growing. Our first son was born in 1996 and our daughter followed in 1998. With one boy and one girl, we were happy with our little family. Things were going rather smoothly until Sheryl's Mom was diagnosed with cancer in 1999. Mom was the anchor of the family. And her illness rocked everyone, but especially Sheryl. 


We tried a few other business ideas. And we added another son to our clan. After a year, we decided to start a cleaning business again. Country Maids was born.

This time we run the business together. Sheryl is the face and the personality of the business. Doug does the administration. We try to bring a personal touch to housecleaning with the modern edge of today's technology.

As our business has grown, so has our family. We have added two more boys to the mix. Yes, that is four boys, one girl and two tired parents. But, don't worry. The boys have learned to stand up to their sister. Meanwhile, Country Maids has cleaned Twin Cities homes over 20,000 times.

If a family doesn't change throughout the years, it will eventually die. Sheryl was devoted to her mother. And now her children adore her. Businesses need to grow as well.

Country Maids has grown with the changes in the cleaning industry and technology. Many of our products are green or green listed. Microfiber towels have become a huge aid to our cleaning. Clients can now log into our scheduling system. We are committed to exploring new technologies and equipment. Even with the changes we have already made, it feels like we are just getting started.

So, in an age of technology, how much can a business like house cleaning change? Stick around, and you can find out.

Sheryl is the youngest of seven children. Her dad left the family when Sheryl was seven years old. So she spent a lot of time with her Mom. And they grew very close.

The move to Minnesota was tough enough for Sheryl. Sure her husband was everything she hoped for and more :) But Sheryl missed her mother terribly and bridged the miles by calling home frequently. When the diagnosis of cancer came, Sheryl spent as much time with her mom as she could.

The last few months were the most difficult. Sheryl spent a lot of time visiting and caring for her mom. We buried her on Christmas Eve, 2000. Sheryl lost her desire to run a business and it was sold.