The cleaning survey can now be taken from your mobile phone. You can get there by using the QR Codes on our cleaner card or by clicking the mobile phone icon to the left.

The survey is also on our website here.

If you are checking us out, try the Name Your Price option.

A Word from Our Clients

In 1985, I was in high school trying to make a few dollars for spending money. My neighbors were both my clients and my advertising. Word spread quickly in Minier, Illinois and a cleaning service was born.

Trust, quality and service equal value here. My mother taught me that nothing is more important than a good name.

I've worked hard to keep our reputation spotless.
I guarantee you'll like working with us.

You can read more about our story here.


Housecleaning Survey



  Your home is your refuge. We respect that.
You want to know who is cleaning your home? Here is how we help:
We assign one person to your home.
You get to know them by name.
They get to know your preferences.
You love your house cleaner.

Employees' website can be accessed here.